Fuheyuan Studio Town A Film Studio Silicon Valley

2017-08-04 18:05:11

Fuheyuan is a charming town along the Fuhe River which renowned artist Zhang Daqian painted as a personal tribute.

Fuheyuan Studio Town is the largest filming and postproduction base in western China. It is moreover a hub for cooperative innovation of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, film technology research and development, special effects, digital virtual studios, 3D animation, and international film and TV special effects makeup. The perfect venue for film conventions and exhibitions, and integrated services, Fuheyuan also provides professional training in film and media, applies and promotes such technologies as VR, AR, and mixed reality, and acts as a trading platform for films and animations.

Situated in Tuanjie Town in Pixian County, Sichuan Province, the central district of the studio town covers a 100-hectare area. It is a key project in the radio, film and television sector of the provincial 13th Five-Year Plan period, and is expected to generate an annual output value of RMB 5 billion. The town’s ultimate aim is to expand into a large, top-level center for digital creative industry and film technology and production in China, focusing on film science and technology, VR and AR technologies, as well as interactive integration of film and television.

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